EV charging stations that accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.


Welcome to the revolution

The age of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is over. Electric cars are the future. The transition has just begun, but the move from ICE vehicles to Electric will happen sooner and more quickly 

than most people suspect. EV Energy Group provides solutions, networks and infrastructure to make this a reality.


Our mission is to  accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by deploying 10,000 charging stations in 5 years. Our goal is to make a significant contribution towards the transformation to a sustainable, zero-carbon economy.

Network Software

We sell global network software solutions to manage all your charging needs. We offer multiple software solutions so you can decide which product best fits your unique requirements. These cloud-based network solutions allow EV drivers to utilize a mobile app offering the latest features. Use your smart phone to locate the nearest charger, check your charging status, easily make payments and stay up to date on your account. Let’s expore these options with you soon!

AC, DC Fast & Heavy-Duty

EV ENERGY has an extensive portfolio of commercial, business, fleet, and residential charging equipment to fulfill most every requirement. We sell AC, DC Fast, and heavy-duty chargers that will provide you with desired charging speed, payments and safety requirements. We believe that EV chargers should look amazing, be effortless to use, and extremely dependable.  Call us today to discuss your unique needs and let’s begin powering up your vision.  

Cloud Based Network EV Charging Software


Greenlots is committed to advancing the promise of electrified transportation, Greenlots delivers new mobility infrastructure solutions designed to connect people to their destinations in a safer, cleaner and smarter way. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company has deployed projects in 13 countries around the world.


EV Connect provides one of the world’s most flexible, open, and standards-based cloud platform for managing the EV charging ecosystem. Since being founding in 2009, EV Connect has grown to be a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions for commercial, enterprise, hospitality, educational, and government facilities.

Great news for EV infrastructure!

US extends tax credits for EV chargers

With the Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Refueling Property Credit from the IRS, US businesses and residents are all eligible for 30% off their entire EV charging hardware purchase (up to $30,000). This federal tax credit also extends back to purchases made in 2018-19. Expires December 31, 2020.

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