EVMT - Charging and Media Towers

Discover the EV Media Tower.
Own and Control Content and Messaging
for Your customers!

Connect with consumers

Our digital marketing solution delivers innovative hardware and content management software. We can help you with message creation, design and production, delivering personalized content for every customer.

Relevant Messages

Content that matters most. You own ALL content. We make operations simple and effortless.


Brand recognition

Fully customized with your brand identity, each station delivers unique content based on location and customers. 

Reach beyond the front door

Captivate your audience with outdoor displays built to weather the storm and visible in any light.

Super smart!

Each unit is built to run EVSE software that remotely manages charging sessions and makes efficient use of your available power. 

Global network solutions

OCPP compliance lets us work with all the best network carriers in the EVSE industry


Ownership allows for scalability under your control. Grow your network as fast as desired. As your charging network evolves, volumes of additional fee-based chargers can be added with or without screens.


Sell and Control EV Charging and Advertising!